Dale Low's (aka gumbypp) home page

I am gumbypp. Our text-to-speech engine that we use on RadioWeave pronounces that "gum-bupp".

I like to write code - these days it's mostly Objective-C for the iPhone, and server-side python/django for RadioWeave. I also recently wrote a Chumby client for RadioWeave, but it needs work. Or, as they say in real estate lingo, it has some deferred maintenance.

I've worked at a bunch of Bay Area companies since moving South from Canada a while ago. One of the most fun was a startup called InnoVentry back in 1999-2001. Like many dot-coms, they eventually imploded - here are some of the pictures of the party that we had on their last day.

I love mountain biking, tennis, and playing really bad golf. I also go traveling once in a while (assuming that there aren't giant ash clouds over Iceland). Here's some pictures from my last big trip to Asia (Thailand, Nepal, and Tibet).

I have two kids - Riley Allasia Low and Gabriel Ansel Low. They keep me very busy when I'm not coding, mountain biking, or playing really bad golf.

Contact me at gumbypp@yahoo.com (email) or @gumbypp (Twitter).